Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mother and Daughter necklaces

I made two similar necklaces for one of the Year of Jewelry Challenges at the Australian Beading Forum a while ago, gave one to mum, and kept one for myself. The theme of the challenge was "Scarlet Woman". Not knowing what the phrase really meant, I just made the necklaces based on the colour "scarlet", and tried to incorporate a female shape in the design. I even named them "Scarlet women, mother and daughter necklaces" and referred to mum and myself as the scarlet women team! Anyhow, finally found out the meaning and felt so silly, LOL. The first necklace is the "mother necklace", and the second is the "daughter". The pendants were made with onyx cabochons, Swarovski rivolis and stones, and garnet and sterling silver beads, wrapped with sterling silver wires then patinaed. Used some gorgeous garnet rondelles in the necklaces too. I have since learnt to always google the meaning of phrases I am not familiar with, before I design my pieces.


  1. Your works are very beautiful! Lines and colors are amazing! Thank you!

  2. Hi Caroline,
    Your works are, as always, beautiful, unique, and I like to look up to you.
    I do not know in what corner of Australia you live, because you have a terrible flood, sign me all these people, it's terrible, none of us knows what awaits us every second of our lives. I had a friend once Art. Wendy Wright, where flood, and I have a few years in contact with Art. Gabriella Verstraeten and Jenny Haskins.
    In the year 2009 issue 23, in the journal Jenny Haskins, is described by Jenny Haskins, my work and me, for me very nice and a great souvenir.
    Also deals with embroidey beads as a hobby, but I also love sewing sewing machine.
    I wish you a healthy New Year alone, lucky days, and success in its Art. work
    mindful of you, Wanda

  3. Hi Wanda-Maria,
    Thanks for your kind comments. Yes the recent floods in Australia were devastating. Luckily I live in Sydney and are not affected, but all our hearts go out to those whose lives were turned upside down by these events. I'm a great admirer of your arts too. Is there anyway I can see the write up about you in Jenny Haskin's journal? Anyhow, wish you a happy New Year and success in your artistic endeavour. :)