Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meredith the Sea Fairy

After months of beading inactivity, this is a necklace I just finished. The inspiration came from one of my lovely beading friends Meredith (Mezz). I've always wanted to do a fairy pendant, so a few months ago, I sculpted a fairy head with polymer clay, then made a mould out of it and turned it into a bronze clay pendant. I was looking for some stones to set in the pendant, and went to a lapidary show with Mezz in our local area. We saw some ammonite fossils (the metallic looking ones), and Mezz suggested that I used a small and a large one in the same piece. The fossils were apparently from Volga River in Saratov, Russia, from the Jurassic period, about 175 million years ago. Added another ammonite fossil that I had at home, and a couple of small fish and turtle charms to tie in with the sea theme.

What have I been doing in the last few months? Well, I've done some soul searching and a lot of thinking. I have walked on a beach and touched the Indian Ocean. I've been walking with Mezz every Friday morning for several months, chatting all the way, and she's given me so many good advice about life. I am happy to say that I now feel re-energised, content and inspired. I am ready to get back into beading.

Thank you for the friendship, Mezz.