Saturday, January 15, 2011

Millefiori Steampunkish Necklace

Here's another steampunkish necklace I've just finished. The pendant is an enamel cab I made a little while ago, using a square copper blank. I applied enamel and millefiori bits onto the copper (fired separately), glued a cog in place, beaded a bezel around it, and assembled it into a necklace with more bits and pieces. This probably should be regarded as minimally steampunk, as I have only included 3 cogs in the whole piece. Anyhow, it's meant to be a fun piece and I'm quite pleased with how it turns out. Please click on the photos if you'd like a larger view. Hope you like!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Mixed Media Collage Steampunk Necklace

Just finished another steampunk piece, a choker this time. The cab is again a mixed media collage covered with resin, which I made at the same time as the one in my last post (am just a bit addicted to these at the moment). Initially, the rose was pale blue and the cogs on either side of the pendant were raw brass, but I didn't like them like that, so I distressed them with acrylics and Gilder's paste. Am quite pleased with how they turned out. This is supposed to be another piece for our fund raising event in April, but now that it's finished, I don't want to part with it! (Did I tell you my favourite colour is blue?) Well, may just have to make another one similar for the event. :)
PS. I have entered this and a few other of my pieces into Sandy's Challenge #2. You can check out her blog Sandy's Space at

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Art Deco Steampunk Necklace

Just finished this necklace which combined two of my favourite themes - Art Deco and Steampunk. Yes I do realise Steampunk is supposed to be late Victorian, but hey, it's my piece and I can do what I want, LOL! I do apologise to any purists out there though. Anyhow, the cab is a miniature collage done on a white polymer clay base. I painted the lady with acrylics and Twinkling H2O, added bits of paper cut outs, cogs, lace etc, and covered it with resin. The same lace was used to line the edge of the pendant. Must admit I love painting girls'/ladies' faces (have been so since I was little), and I can't help using them in my jewelry pieces. I have made a few more cabs in similar style to play with, so you'll probably see more of them coming in the near future. Please click on the photos if you'd like a larger view.