Sunday, April 20, 2014

I like frogs, honestly, I do

Just finished this necklace which I've been working on forever (umm, a bit more than a year). Made the limbs of the frog with bronze clay, and beaded the rest. The inspiration came from one of our beady friends, Neva. As those who know Neva would know, she's a frog lover. One time we had a beady meet in Sydney, and as we chatted while beading, the conversation turned to frogs, as food. We talked about frog legs in French cuisine etc, and I recounted a story of being served frog soup as a child in Taiwan by our maid (I was horrified). Poor Neva couldn't bear to hear the story, so she got out of the house while we finished the conversation. I told my story, everyone laughed, and I went out to fetch her. It must've been a guilty conscience on my part, for after that, I felt compelled to tell Neva that I do actually like frogs, life ones. I thought the best way for me to express my true feelings for frogs would be to make a necklace, LOL. As it turns out, life has been extremely busy this last year, and I only managed to finish it today. Anyhow, hope you like my necklace and story! Please click on the photos if you would like a larger view.