Monday, April 23, 2012

Marcie - a thank you necklace

As some of you may know, a few months ago, one of my favorite bead artists Marcie Abney had a project published in Beadwork magazine. In a question to the contributors about whom them would like to take a private lesson with, she was very kind to mention me. I didn't know about it until Mezz (a buddy of mine) saw it in the magazine and mentioned it on the Australian Beading Forum. It came as such a great surprise! Anyhow, to show my appreciation, I decided to make something for her. I asked her what her favorite colours were, and used them all in this piece. I painted the cab on a white polymer clay base, and coated it with resin. The girl is my interpretation of her in my mind's eye. One new technique I have used in this piece is hand dyeing - the lace in the base was white originally, and I dyed it manually in various colours to match the cab and the rest of the necklace. The butterfly was made with bronze clay, in which I set a couple of cubic zirconium to add some extra sparkle, then aged it with liver of sulphur. The orange rose was a resin one which I bought, and I added some highlite with gold Gilder's paste. The necklace is a little longer in real life - I tucked it up slightly at the back for photo purpose. I sent the piece off about a week ago, and today I received an email from Marcie to say that she had receive it. I'm really pleased that she likes it!

Thank you, my friend!

If you haven't visited Marcie's blog, you should! I LOVE her work. And here is the link to her blog:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm so excited!

Just have to share this with you all. A little while back I did an online interview with the lovely Arantxa from Beads Perles. Yesterday, it was published on her blog, and she was so kind to arrange for it to be the 600th interview she's published (600! What a milestone!). I've received some very positive comments, and I feel both honored and humbled, as well as a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you, Arantxa dear!!!

If you haven't visited her blog - you must! The interviews and posts are both informative and very interesting to read. They have definitely broadened my horizon and introduced me to many incredibly talented bead/jewelry artists. And here is the link: