Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm so excited!

Just have to share this with you all. A little while back I did an online interview with the lovely Arantxa from Beads Perles. Yesterday, it was published on her blog, and she was so kind to arrange for it to be the 600th interview she's published (600! What a milestone!). I've received some very positive comments, and I feel both honored and humbled, as well as a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you, Arantxa dear!!!

If you haven't visited her blog - you must! The interviews and posts are both informative and very interesting to read. They have definitely broadened my horizon and introduced me to many incredibly talented bead/jewelry artists. And here is the link:


  1. Well done Caroline... it's great to see a fellow Australian beader featured back in 2010 and it was such a honour to be amongst such amazing artists, now such as yourself!


  2. Greetings Caroline,
    I am a friend of Neva Brown's and I have had your blog linked on my blog for awhile now.
    I love your creations and enjoy looking at them very much. Beautiful work.
    I visited today because I saw your Beads Perles interview. I know how you feel with this as I am interview number 583 on there blog.
    It is very, very exciting to see yourself on a blog in Europe and I remember I was pretty much jumping out of my skin when I was published.
    So I just wanted to say congratulations and well done. Enjoy the exposure. You will get heaps.

    Cheers...Patrick Duggan.

  3. Thanks a lot Caroline!! It has been a great honour for me to publish your interview!!

    A big kiss from Spain!!

  4. Dear Caroline,
    Congratulations for this super interview - one of the best I`ve ever red - authentic, natural, straight - just as you would expect from a great artist and human!
    With my best wishes and greetings for you, from Lower-Austria:

  5. Thanks Karyn, Patrick, Arantxa and Uli, for your support and beautiful comments. I still can't get over the excitement - even my husband is excited for me! Hugs and kisses to you too, Arantxa, and congrats to you, Uli and Patrick, for having your interviews published. You've all made my day! :)

  6. Congratulations Caroline, great to read about your artists journey. Best wishes :)
    -Eva Maria

  7. Congratulations on the interview!!!
    I have to say that I'm still amazed watching your wonderful work ... :-)

  8. Thanks Eva Maria and Lyra. Your comments are much appreciated. :)