Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rose Pendant and China Trip

Haven't posted anything for a little while as I've just come home from a trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen and Xiamen in China. I have some friends and relatives in HK, hence I go there about once a year. Just love the food and shopping there! There is a well known bead district in HK (Sham Shui Po) which I always visit, and next to the street with all the bead shops, there is a street that sells buttons. I went to both this time and bought myself a nice little stash of beads, findings and buttons. One Sunday, my best friend and cousin took me and my hubby to Shenzhen, which is a city in Southern China, just across the border from HK, for a day trip. There are apparently markets that specialise in beads. Due to time limitation, however, we only managed to look at a few stalls in one of the main shopping centres. Still, we walked away with more beads, and at fantastic prices too! Must go back next time! Anyhow, thought I would show you a necklace I made a few Christmas ago, using a beautiful resin rose cab I bought in Tokyo. I wanted something wearable in a Christmasy colour scheme, and yet could be worn at other times of the year. The necklace was sold as soon as I finished making it. I still have a couple more cabs - must make myself another one next Christmas. The photo below was taken at one of the stalls we visited in Shenzhen. Please click on the photos if you'd like a larger view.