Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rose Pendant and China Trip

Haven't posted anything for a little while as I've just come home from a trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen and Xiamen in China. I have some friends and relatives in HK, hence I go there about once a year. Just love the food and shopping there! There is a well known bead district in HK (Sham Shui Po) which I always visit, and next to the street with all the bead shops, there is a street that sells buttons. I went to both this time and bought myself a nice little stash of beads, findings and buttons. One Sunday, my best friend and cousin took me and my hubby to Shenzhen, which is a city in Southern China, just across the border from HK, for a day trip. There are apparently markets that specialise in beads. Due to time limitation, however, we only managed to look at a few stalls in one of the main shopping centres. Still, we walked away with more beads, and at fantastic prices too! Must go back next time! Anyhow, thought I would show you a necklace I made a few Christmas ago, using a beautiful resin rose cab I bought in Tokyo. I wanted something wearable in a Christmasy colour scheme, and yet could be worn at other times of the year. The necklace was sold as soon as I finished making it. I still have a couple more cabs - must make myself another one next Christmas. The photo below was taken at one of the stalls we visited in Shenzhen. Please click on the photos if you'd like a larger view.


  1. Una maravilla de trabajo, fantástico!

  2. Hi,
    wow fantastic, its a great work.

  3. Beautiful necklace,Caroline,with the so romantic resin rose cabochon.I love it!!!
    You have experienced a wonderful adventure in China.The bead shop is amazing, just magic.I hope,I could see soon many new, beautiful necklaces with all those things,that you bought,which I can admire:)
    Warm greetings:)

  4. Dear Caroline,
    a very elegant combination of cabochon, beadwork
    and used pearls, congratulations.
    Best greetings:

  5. Thanks Susy, Arkadia and Uli. Glad you all like that rose cab. I wish I had bought a few more as I have not been able to find any since. Your comments are much appreciated. :)

  6. Very pretty Caroline....great colours and you have made that cab into a stunning festive celebration. Thanks for sharing your story...hopefully one day we can all go to China bead shopping!!
    Melissa x

  7. Thanks Melissa. Yes wouldn't it be great if we could go on an overseas bead hunting trip together, maybe with some of our other beady friends too? That would be a dream holiday for sure. :)

  8. Oh a trip all together for bead shopping and eating :-) how much fun that would be. I missed this one and I am so glad that I checked in today to see it. It is gorgeous and I am glad you will make one for yourself. It is very, very special. Hugs always my friend. BJ

  9. Thanks sweet BJ. Yes the trip was fun. Wouldn't it be great if a few of us beading buddies could do that together! We'd have a blast for sure! Hugs to you too, dear friend.