Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blue crystal choker and May's pendant

Thought I'd show you a couple of pieces. The first one is a choker I just finished yesterday, again for our fund raising event next year. I made the centre piece quite a few weeks ago, but only managed to finish the beaded necklace part yesterday. The large blue Swarovski crystal was from the big stash of crystals I won in the Swarovski competition a couple of years ago, and I wrapped/caged it with brass stampings which had been coloured by Guilder's paste. The necklace was done with Herringbone stitch using seed and bugle beads, and Swarovski bicones. It sits very nicely in real life, and is so very sparkly.

The second piece is a pendant I made for one of my sisters-in-law, May, a while ago. The dichroic glass cabochon was purchased from Donna Cason's online shop (I just love her cabs), and it's wrapped with gold filled wire, with a few matching Swarovski bicones. I kept the design relatively simple as I didn't want to detract from the gorgeous cab.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all! :)


  1. Thanks Hannah. I just visited your blog, and must tell you that I really LOVE your metal creations. They're so artistic and beautiful. Thanks again for your comments. :)

  2. Thanks for your comments, bemese. Glad you like my creations. :)

  3. Hi Caroline,
    I'm sorry for the silence moments, such artists are not forgotten.
    Your works are always beautiful, I had recently Swapping homes, and it did not sew anything.
    I want to apply your wishes, Happy New Year 2011, on a beautiful warm climate of Australia,

  4. Hi Wanda-Maria,
    Thank you for your lovely comments and wishes. Yes it's been quite warm here (except for a few days) in Sydney, but I rather have a white Chritsmas! Does it snow where you are? Anyhow, have a fabulous festive season, and hope you settle in your new home in no time!

  5. Fabulous works, elements, colors. All are very interesting! Happy 2011!

  6. Thanks for your comment, Eva Maria. It means a lot to me coming from someone like you whose work I admire enormously. Happy 2011 to you too!

  7. Oh Caroline....I found it....The blue crystal choker only I thought the one that I saw was a brooch with a green stone in center. Your family member is one VERY lucky lady to be wearing the blue choker. It is utterly gorgeous. As my Aussie friends say, "it is totally over the moon". I LOVE it and you have to be one of the great artists of our time. Lots of love to you and your family, BJ

  8. Thanks sweet BJ. It was sold to one of the staff who works in our hospital, and she totally loves it. Must say I was a little reluctant to let it go. Must make a similar one one of these days, maybe a brooch this time? Anyhow, thanks again my dear friend.