Saturday, September 11, 2010

A few scrolled enamel pendants

Haven't posted anything for a little while as I and hubby have just returned from a trip to Krakow, Poland. Had a fantastic time there and bought some gorgeous amber beads and cabochons. Will show you some photos later.

Anyhow, thought I'd post a few scrolled enamel pendants which I made sometime ago. At one stage, I was a bit obsessed with making scrolled enamel pieces. They're not really that tricky to make - you just have to add piles of enamel powders onto a copper plate, melt them in the kiln, open the kiln door and scroll them quickly with a long pointy metal stick to create the patterns. As there is very little time to scroll before the molten enamels harden, and some colours burn out easier than others, however, the results are quite unpredictable, and it's impossible to create two pieces that are exactly the same. I guess it's this unpredictability and my quest for the perfect patterns that got me hooked on to this technique. As a result, I've accumulated a nice little collection of scrolled enamel plates, some of which I turned into pendants using beading and wire wrapping techniques. I have now got over this obsession and moved on to something else. Again, please click on the photos if you'd like a larger view.


  1. Hi Caroline,
    your works are beautiful, and Krakow is lovely, and I recommend it not only Krakow and around Krakow also lovely, and not only.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Wanda-Maria. Yes I absolutely love Krakow, and the people there are so nice and friendly. We did take some tours to visit places outside of Krakow, including the Salt Mine, Black Madonna and Auschwitz. If I ever go to Poland again, must visit a few more cities. Do you know the city well?

  3. Thanks J4K. Glad you like my creations. Much appreciated.

  4. I am a new enamelist and am intriqued by your scrolling works. (BTW, everything about your work is stunning--the beadwork, use of colors and mixing of medias,etc.!!!!) I create tatting shuttles via copper enameling. Check out my work at: I would like to understand what materials & techniques you use to create your enamel scroll-work masterpieces. I am an aspiring lapidarist so we have alot in common. Contact me direct at: