Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is a necklace I finished today for this week's Year of Jewellery Challenge on the Australian Beading Forum, the theme of which is "Geisha". I've only just come back 3 days ago from overseas and have tons of washing and housework to catch up on, but I could not resist making a piece, as this theme has brought back some fond memories.

I've been to Japan twice, and on both occasions we saw Geisha performances. The first time was in a small private dinner tour with just my husband and I, our tour guide, and a Geisha and her maiko. It happened to be our first wedding anniversary that day, and the whole experience was magical. When I came home after the trip, I was obsessed with Geisha for a while and bought all the books I could find on Geisha. The second time I was holidaying with my husband and parents, and we saw a stage performance. When I think of Geisha, I think of cherry blossoms, Sakura, its scent and colours, its petals falling down in slow motion, and a Geisha holding a paper umbrella walking beneath the trees towards the setting sun.

I got the pattern of the cherry blossom petals from a Japanese beading book by Kumiko Mizuno, and it was done in brick stitch. Made up some leaves using similar techniques, and assembled the whole piece with pearls, cloisonne beads and Swarovski crystals. The pendant is detachable and has a brooch pin attached to its back, so it can be worn as a brooch as well. I would've liked to make a few more blossoms but ran out of time (the closing date for this challenge is today). You can click on the picture for a larger view. I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed making it.


  1. Dear Caroline, as you know already this is a personal favorite for me. The flowing grace and strength of the Geisha comes through your pieces always. I truly love your art. You are a gentle, creative soul. Bev

  2. You're always so kind, Bev. Thanks for your complement.

  3. Dear Auntie Caroline,
    I totally love your art work.
    I think you are a great artist and super bead maker!!!
    I hope I can meet you someday in the future with my mom Celine.
    Thanks. Please reply soon.
    Julia XOXO

  4. Thanks again Julia. May be you, Laura and your mom can come and visit me one day, and we can do more beading together.
    Caroline XOXO.